Universal Power pack. Box pack


Product Description

Purposely designed and engineered at Fluidlink Hydraulics for the Heavy goods/ Transport industry, the G-Pack Box Pack consists of a solid aluminium centre body which can incorporate a variety of 08/20 cartridge valves and DC motors. Standard power options are 12Vdc and 24Vdc motors and N.C solenoid lowering valves. These power units can be used as retrofits for many taillift hydraulic units on the road today.

Standard Available specifications:

  • Motors: 12Vdc 1.6Kw or 24Vdc 2.2Kw
  • Pumps: 1.6cc/rev  or  2.1cc/rev
  • Tanks: 6.5Litre  Steel Tank complete with Steel Cover
  • Pressures up to 250bar, flows up to 14L/min.
  • 1/4″ BSP Connection ports
  • 08/20 Valve cavity port fitted with N.C Solenoid Lowering valve 12Vdc / 24Vdc
  • Internal check valve and adjustable relief valve
  • Battery Isolator switches and cables available on request
  • Pressure Compensated Flow Control Valve “option”

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